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Portuguese Ingles


Assembly System of the Infuser Serum

Assembly system for completely automated assembly of the upper saline infusion system.

Place: Penafiel / Portugal


Automated Stamping and Assembly System for Auto-Radio Boxes

This system performs the printing of boxes and automated assembly of components in that box for car radios.

Place: Carregado / Portugal


Gluing System

System for the application of spray glue for gluing coating plastic components.

Place: Figueira da Foz / Portugal


Crimping Press

Hydraulic crimping for plastic parts in bushings or to conduct operations up to 15ton. of force.

PlaceFigueira da Foz / Portugal

Czech Republic


Assembly Line 0901

Assembly Line with a manual workstation and 7 automatic stations for assembly of light sets inside cars.

PlaceSanto Tirso / Portugal


Test System 0901

Test equipment and fully automated storage, of light sets inside cars.

PlaceSanto Tirso / Portugal


Power System and Assembly of Tablets

Automatic feeding system of strips cut from cellulose pressed into tablets, to a line feed impregnation insecticide and its insertion in the assembly line.

PlaceSamora Correia / Portugal


 Assembly System of the Set Shutter Mecha

Assembly system for completely automated assembly of plug / lock systems diffusers, and placing the vials in the filling line.

PlaceSamora Correia / Portugal


Parts Handling Systems

Systems that allow transportation, collection, packaging and automated parts handling.


Automated Test System

Systems for carrying out tests or trials in accordance with customer specifications or regulations to achieve the same.




Throughout our activity we have been establishing partnerships with reputable suppliers that give equipment developed a high level of safety and quality.o longo da nossa actividade foram-se estabelecendo parcerias com fornecedores conceituados que conferem aos equipamentos desenvolvidos um elevado nível de segurança e qualidade.


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